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Marvin Michael – The Beginning

What do you do next when youve already released some of the biggest club tracks in history toured the world had Beatport and JunoDownload Number 1s all whilst pioneering a global trend and musical shift Well you could go back to where it all started… After over a decade of success with Virus Syndicate front man Marvin Michael AKA Goldfinger steps up with arguably one his most thought provoking releases yet. Bringing with him the knowledge and experience built through countless collaborations with some of the worlds biggest acts including MRK1 Skism Mayhem & Anti serum Skrillex & Wiwek DJ Muggs Foreign Beggars and the notorious Dope D.O.D to name a few. The Beginning sees Marvin Michael take his repertoire of lyricism and mic skills to the next level. Boundaries dont seem to exist for the Manchester born lyricist. Marvin Michael seems to effortlessly cross between genre and tempo with consummate ease and assuredness that comes with being one of Grimes founding fathers and creators of the Dubstep scene. Marvin MichaelThe Beginning is a masterpiece that delivers on every level as another brilliant example of fluidity versatility and ridiculously intelligent social commentary. Is it spoken word is it rap is it mcing Who cares The Beginning is an exquisitely clever salute to everyman cleverly weaving between the need to stay grounded and the struggles faced realizing your dreams. Bulgarian Duo Deependz show off their creative wizardry with production that asks all the right questions. Is it rolling DnB is it liquid is it from a sub genre we havent quite defined yet Again who cares The Heart beating sub bass and super sharp drums take you off into a journey of floating piano keys and melodic yet rolling basslines that cant help but soothe the senses. All set to the backdrop of razor sharp breaks and a percussion that skips weaves and dances its way through your consciousness. The Beginning also comes with a straighttoweb visual which is the perfect compliment to an already brilliant track. Its no exaggeration to say that the visual itself is a work of art in its own right with literally every shot worthy of framing and hanging up an art gallery. Sit back and immerse yourself. We at Caseload Records are extremely proud to present Marvin Michael The Beginning