1. Goldfinger - Taxman Begins 0:30
  2. Goldfinger - Taxman Begins Bassface Remix 0:30

Goldfinger: TAXMAN BEGINS (Starkey Street Bass Mix)

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Goldfinger – Taxman Begins

Virus Syndicate: Pushing the boundaries of EDM and
lyricism since 2005.
With an alphabet of Beatport and JunoDownload chartoppers, collaborations with the likes of
Cypress Hillʼs DJ Muggs and regular support from the likes of Skrillex, the Manchester
collective are making huge waves right now: Setting agendas and benchmarks across the
globe with their unique brand of bass-charged electronic rap music.
Known for their effortless ability to weave controversy, intelligent social commentary and
storytelling into dancefloor bangers, Virus Syndicate have been responsible for some of the
biggest club smashers in recent years, including 2012ʼs hell-raising anthems ʻLike Thisʼ and

Here we find Goldfinger reminding us just how razor sharp the crewʼs versatility and self-
awareness can be. Welcome to the ʻTaxman Beginsʼ. An unashamedly raw and energetic

bass-laden bash-out, it drags back on what some might say is the lost art of rapping. And it
does so kicking and screaming!
Philadelphiaʼs Starkey provides the ridiculously ahead of its time Street Bass mix. Setting your
senses on red alert from the off, the synths provide a haunting premise before the sub-driven
riot ensues. Massive production and a perfect balance of sparsely interlaced kicks, hi-hats
and snares rolls out before a crescendo of rapid-fire breaks slams you full frontal. No
messing: Starkey has gone to work on this.
San Diegoʼs production duo Kicks N Licks follow with their KNLDUB Mix where orchestral
strings, brass and razor tight percussion lay the foundations for another slice of pure fire. It
also comes complete with a straight-to-web visual that complements the vocals, paying
homage to some of the greatest movies of the last century.
Last but not least, French producer Darkham steps up to close the show. Naturally his
Bassface mix doesnʼt disappoint. Providing the ultimate heavy drop experience, his version is
stacked full with churning sub bass and face contorting synth wobbles. Not for the faint
There are only two things certain in life: Death and taxes. ʻTaxman Beginsʼ will make sure
everyone pays up.
Virus Syndicate Presents…
Goldfinger – Taxman Begins