Goldfinger is back. On I am the legendary Mancunian Wordsmith Goldfinger returns with yet another showing of witty punch lines razor tight lyricism and unparalleled delivery. From his Virus Syndicate projects to his solo releases Goldfinger has remained one of the pioneering vocal influences in Dubstep Drum and Bass Grime and UK Hip Hop. No stranger to the upper echelons of Genre and DJ Charts his last release; Vitamin C featured on Circus Records reached Number 1 in the Beatport Grime chart. In over a decade of performing recording and releasing classic after classic Dubstep and Grime Hall of Famer Goldfinger has worked with more legends than you can list and can name credits on features with everyone from Skrillex to DJ Muggs & Cypress Hill. On I Am Goldfingers ability to seamlessly weave an autobiographical narrative comedy and raw energy into his performance is something to behold. At a time when rappers are dumbing down their verses Goldfinger goes completely the other way whilst still managing to create a dancefloor anthem. Working alongside BPSK the production is a triplettimed masterpiece a perfect welcome to the crazy world of Goldfinger. Where everything is different but makes perfect sense. Goldfingers versatility and ability to make any style his own means the thumping kick and massive synth basslines are the perfect backdrop for a rolling narrative. The release comes complete with instrumental versions acapella and a StraighttoWeb visual. Caseload Records proudly present Goldfinger – I am Out May 17th 2018.

— Goldfinger - I am
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Goldfinger – I am

Goldfinger – I am
Producd by BPSK
Caseload Records 2018.