1. Fire Town BPSK 0:30
  2. BPSK - City on Fire 0:30
  3. BPSK - Red Alarm 0:30

The Story

As a DJ he’s performed at some of the biggest events in Europe alongside some of the heavyweights of DnB, Dubstep, Breakbeat and Techno. From DJ Hype, Nicky, Blackmarket, Virus Syndicate, Modeselektor, DJ Tonio and Reso to Total Science, Son Of Kick, The Trickaz and Benny Page to name a few, BPSK has certainly earned the respect of his peers.

We at Caseload Records are extremely proud to present. Avignon based
producer, BPSK’s debut EP; Firetown.
The breathtakingly refreshing Firetown EP is proper “Jungle” in its purest form.
You could certainly be forgiven for imagining you were at an Amazon Rave in the
Cue club, Birmingham or at Pure X at the Sanctuary in Milton Keynes UK.
The style is 1990’s but the production quality is certainly 2030.
Firetown, is a comic book journey of the senses with a theme that carries
through the entire works- The Anti Hero

City on fire- A real banger driven by an inimitable sub bass, an almost “military-
esque” Kick and super sharp hats. The sirens and warbling synths add a sense of
urgency to the E.P. – An absolute Monster and definitely one for the dancefloor.
This is true “pull up” material!

Eyes of a Killer- An epic synth driven Jungle roller interlaced with Amen breaks
rolling snares and haunting stabs. This is pure high energy and “jump up” but
the finely tuned drums are 100% for the jungle steppa

Red Alarm- True Junglists stand up!! Atmospheric pads set the scene but stabs
and synth leads are certainly the order of the day here- With Red Alarm BPSK
has perfectly captured the spirit of 90’s Jungle & DnB.
Individually these tracks are all stand alone instant classics together this is a
must have E.P
Out on Caseload Records, BPSK – Firetown
A high energy, rollercoaster of “Proper” Jungle.
Three instant classics on one E.P this one is sure to go down well with Original
Junglists and DnB heads. Currently being played by the likes Breakage, Serum,
Dubphizix, Northbase, BRK, Mark XTC, SS, DJ Hype, Lady Lena and DJ Kalista
Nicky Blackmarket, Northbase and Dub Phizix.
This EP is definitely one for your “go to now” selectionBreakage, Serum

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BPSK – Firetown

The brand new EP from French producer BPSK.