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About Us

Caseload Records
We are Caseload Records.
We are committed to finding and putting out the most cutting edge D&B, Dubstep, Grime and Bass music from across the globe…
Using our collective years of expertise and experience combined with a “no BS” approach, we ensure artists with an ability to push boundaries are given the platform to do exactly that.
Some of our featured artists include Starkey, Kicks And Licks, Goldfinger, Virus Syndicate, MRK1, Distinction, Deependz, Siskiyou, Prophet, BPSK and many more.
Caseload Records
The Caseload team are made up of artists, musicians, developers and creatives who care passionately about building a platform for talent to realise its potential.
We are constantly looking to work with creatives and artists looking to achieve a common goal. If you have great ideas and you’d like to join the next phase in the Caseload journey get in touch.
Chat to us, follow us, like us, join the conversation and whatever else we do on social media. 
We are as guilty of it as anyone else so you’ll often find even more up to date info, live topics, competitions, giveaways and other shareable content by following @caseloadrecords and the artists on social media platforms.

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